Smart Fendee Cat Litter Box Furniture, Adorable Wooden Pet House Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Drawer, Side Table, Indoor Pet Crate, Cat Home Nightstand, Easy to Clean

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Color: Brown
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Multi-functional design: This cat litter house not only serves as a cat litter box, but also has storage and furniture functions, which can save space and create a neat home environment for you.

High-quality materials: The cat litter house is made of high-quality materials, which are durable and easy to clean. The white color tone makes the entire home space brighter and cleaner.

User-friendly design: The design of the cat litter house takes into account the behavior and needs of cats, providing a private space and enough room for activities. Your cat will love to rest and play here.

Aesthetic appearance: The white cat litter house furniture has a simple and stylish appearance, which fits the modern home design style and can be perfectly matched with furniture and decorations.

High space utilization: It can serve as a private litter box, lounge, and storage cabinet for your cat, giving you more space in your home and making it easier to organize.

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